Provide a meaningful role for your House Leaders!

Our House Spirit works directly onsite with schools and their student leadership teams in creating and building customised House systems to suit their requirements. Student voice is paramount in the success of a House system. Students who are consulted feel more respected as individuals and as a body within the school. 


Every year a new team of House Captains and student leaders are appointed to lead their House. They come with fresh ideas, skills and interests. Equipped with personal knowledge and insight into their school and its community and a drive to make a difference, these eager students have the significant opportunity to not only experience personal growth, but to enhance their schools culture and give back to their school community.


Our House Spirit facilitates inspiring and engaging planning workshops at your school to guide and assist these leaders in achieving the impact they wish to make on their House and school. Our workshops are structured with relevant content that intentionally aligns with the current school curriculum and include topics such as student voice, identity, belonging, respectful relationships and community.  They encourage creative thinking, student consideration to their peers and a sense of responsibility to provide House activities that are inclusive and engaging for all. Our Leadership workshops run for 90 minutes and can accomodate up to 20 students at one time. Through group discussions and hands on activities, students set goals and desired outcomes, gain insight through investigation and consultation, workshop with creative and innovative thinking, decide on a list of House activities that will excite and engage as many students as possible, schedule these activities into the school calendar and plan implementation.


The Our House Spirit workshops provide a meaningful role for your House leaders. They accomplish growth in leadership skills and mindset, practise school and House values and roll out inclusive and engaging House activities for your entire school.