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Fun and flexible Online workshops!

We are super excited to share with you our online Student Leader workshops and House activities.


Aware of the ever increasing time constraints that teachers face, we have tailored our student leader workshops to suit online delivery. Providing greater scheduling flexibility and accessibility, our online workshops will educate, motivate and inspire your student leaders in creating and building an effervescent House system for your school. 

Our online workshops are presented in a fun and interactive way, so that students are engaged throughout and challenged to create innovative House activities to positively impact your schools House system. Informative videos are partnered with downloadable worksheets, activity booklets, teachers notes and student certificates of accomplishment. The simple step by step format of our online workshops allows students to follow the program at a pace that suits them and your school.  

As every House system is at a different stage, we offer a broad topic range so that schools can select and build a House library to best suit their needs. 

Some of our online workshop topics:

  • Applying for a Student Leadership role

  • Leadership

  • House Identity

  • Student Voice ...... and more!


After years of creating and developing innovative House activities for schools across Melbourne, we have decided to package them up and make them available to all schools and their students online.

If you are in need of some fun House activities to stimulate, engage and connect your students to their Houses and House mates, then look no further!


Engage all members of your school community with one of our exciting online House activities. 

Some of our online House activities:

  • House Spirit Day

  • House Mindfulness

  • Welcome to your House

  • Introducing Me ..... and more!

We are continually building our online House library,

so keep a look out for new arrivals!

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