Our House Spirit Welcomes You!

Join Our House Spirit in creating a community
in which everyone truly belongs.
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Your school may already have a House System in place and if that is the case, it is highly recommended to fully utilise it. Let us help you create the ultimate House system with our onsite school leadership workshops, online video workshops and much more.

If your school has yet to implement a House System then Our House Spirit can assist you by creating a customised House Building Plan, which will ensure we successfully align with your schools values, needs and priorities.

A House System is central to student wellbeing and offers multiple opportunities for building connection, student voice, team camaraderie, personal accountability, and ultimately belonging. 


Our House Spirit offers your school both onsite and online workshops for your students. 

The onsite school workshops are available as a 12 month Leadership program or as topic based day workshops.

Our online workshops can be purchased individually or as a yearly membership based bundle. 

All of our Leadership workshops are structured with relevant content that intentionally aligns with the current school curriculum and include topics such as Student Voice, Identity, Belonging, Respectful Relationships and Community.

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