"Any school without a House System is missing a big chunk of what develops school culture ... it gives kids authentic ways to behave and to interact in the way that we would like them to going into society in the future"   

Rob Csoti - Leading Principal Mentor

“There’s so many things that kids are interested in now and we’ve got to acknowledge that at schools”

Kaye Mills - Principal - Sunbury Heights PS

“The activities kids can be involved in needs to be varied and not sports focussed, if it’s sport-focussed you are going to cut

out a third of your schools population”

Rob Csoti - Leading Principal Mentor

"What a wonderful initiative that trickled through the school and has now become an integral part of our school values and sense of belonging"   

Nicole Richards - Principal - Elwood Primary School

"It (our House System) has definitely given them (the students) the chance for student voice" 

Kaye Mills - Principal - Sunbury Heights Primary School

"A couple of years ago I probably wouldn't have got House Captain 'cos I'm not extremely sporty or anything, or like the best sports player, so I'm glad they changed the system"   

Laver House Captain - Sunbury Heights Primary School