An Our House Spirit House system is a unique structure introduced into a schools framework to connect and unite its entire community. For many years Australian Primary schools have been utilising a traditional House system model as a way to group students for sporting competitions. This old fashioned approach engages sports minded students, however alienates all other students. An Our House Spirit House system is modern and recognises the current day child and their interests.


If your existing House system needs a boost, or if you would like to create a brand new House system from the foundations up, Our House Spirit would love to create a customised House system for your school.


We deliver our program through a series of workshops which engage your student leadership team and educate, equip and inspire them to produce and roll out innovative House activities for your school.


The intention of our workshops is to create meaningful connections between students and their Houses and to ultimately establish a place of belonging for every student.

To ensure the successful outcome of every Our House Spirit House system, we apply our formula of BE YOU - BE CONNECTED - BELONG throughout the entire process. Our tried and tested formula guarantees that your Our House Spirit House system promotes an inclusive school culture, exercises positive social behaviours and life skills and contributes toward a rewarding and joyful school life for all.

Our House Spirit creates and builds effervescent House systems.